The Castle

  1. Having a ticket to the Castle Museum in Pszczyna, hereinafter referred to as the Museum, entitles one to visit.
  2. Purchasing an entrance ticket or collecting a free ticket means that the visitor agrees to the provisions contained in the Rules and Regulations in force in the Museum, published on the website and those located on the Museum grounds, i.e
    • Regulations for visiting the Pszczyna Castle Museum
    • Rules of visiting the Pszczyna Castle Museum on free days
    • Regulations for the use of audio guides and applications in the Castle Museum in Pszczyna
    • Online ticketing regulations
  3. Before entering the exhibition, visitors are asked to wear a plastic or felt shoe protectors.
  4. The exhibition of the Pszczyna Castle Museum can be visited individually or in an organized group.
  5. The number of people in an organised group visiting the Museum with a tour guide may not exceed 25 (including the group’s minder and tour guide).
  6. Priority of admission to the Museum is given to groups booked through the Reservation System via:
  7. Only authorized tour guides, who have been issued a valid tour guide certificate by the Museum, are allowed to conduct tours in the Museum.
  8. Tourists under 13 years old can visit the Museum only under the care of adults.
  9. The Museum may not be visited by persons whose condition indicates alcohol or drugs consumption, behaving in a way that endangers the safety of people and collections, disrupting the order of the sightseeing, or violating generally accepted standards of behaviour in public places.
  10. Large rucksacks, bags and other objects that make it difficult to visit the exhibition freely, which seize exeeded 30 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm are not allowed. There is a possibility to leave them in lockers.
  11. Visitors are required to leave their prams in the entrance hall.
  12. Before entering the exhibition, umbrellas must be placed in designated containers Leaving the umbrella is at your own risk.
  13. The Museum shall not be liable for any loss or damage to items left in clothing, backpacks and bags deposited in the cloakroom, and items left inside the Museum in places other than those intended for their storage.
  14. Entrance to the Museum is regulated by service staff. According to current situation, the number of visitors entering to the Museum can be different.
  15. The number of tickets sold in one day may be limited.
  16. The main entrance to the Museum is the southern entrance (from the Market Square).
  17. A break is established at the ticket office on weekends and holidays, from 14 to 14.15.
  18. Persons who have purchased a ticket via the Internet should appear before the entrance to the Museum according to the time shown on the ticket.
  19. Visitors who have bought a ticket via the Internet enter the Museum without having to stand in line, which can extend the waiting period for others.
  20. It is not allowed to enter the exhibition in shoes which may damage antique floors and parquet floors, especially in shoes with heels, in shoes with undercut soles.
  21. The person on coordination duty on the day is responsible for the proper conduct of the tour.
  22. The coordinator on duty shall take decisions relating to the current situation of the exhibition, in particular:
    • change the route of the tour,
    • closure of a part of the exhibition, and in special cases, to close the Museum,
    • to decide on the removal from the exhibition of persons not complying with the Visitors’ Regulations,
    • to notify the relevant services in an emergency,
    • other activities aimed at maintaining order on the exhibition and observing the Museum’s Regulations.
  23. For conservation and organisational reasons, the tour’s route may be temporarily changed.
  24. It is forbidden to bring in and consume food, drinks, narcotics, smoke of tobacco and e-cigarettes in the exhibition area.
  25. In the Museum, visitors should behave in a way that does not endanger the safety of the exhibits, in particular:
    • don’t touch the exhibits,
    • don’t go behind the ropes,
    • not to sit on antique furniture,
    • don’t slide on the floors.
  26. The lift may be used by one disabled person together with an accompanying person.
  27. Used plastic or felt boot protectors should be placed in marked containers in the armoury or at the exit from the Museum.
  28. It is forbidden to introduce animals into the exhibition area, except for service dogs of disabled people.
  29. The disabled visitours together with their care person are allowed to enter to the museum without staying in the queue,after showing documents which prove their health condition.
  30. Every first Wednesday of the month, during the last two hours of the Museum’s opening to visitors, the so-called “Quiet hours” are established, during which no public events are organized, visits are individual, and devices emitting loud sounds and intense light are turned off.
  31. Amateur pictures and films can only be taken without using any kind of artificial light sources and additional elements stabilizing the recording image, such as tripod, monopad, selfie-stick, flycam, etc. The photographs and film material taken are intended for private use only. They may not be further published or distributed in any form without the permission of the Museum.
  32. Do not make any phone calls during the tour.
  33. The regulations of visiting the Pszczyna Castle Museum during the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic will be periodically updated, about which the Museum will inform about on its websites, in social media and in announcements placed in the Museum.
  34. In the event of non-compliance with the above provisions, employees and the Museum’s security staff are entitled to take appropriate action.

Visitors entitled to reduced price tickets presenting an appropriate document:

  • Primary, secondary and higher education level students, and doctoral studies participants.
  • Senior citizens, pensioners, disabled and handicapped people with their care assistants – who are Polish citizens.
  • Primary and secondary school teachers, educational care and rehabilitation centre supervisors working at Polish education institutions.
  • Visitors decorated with the badge “For Historical Monument Protection” (Za opiekę nad zabytkami) or the badge of “Merits for Cultural Activities” (Zasłużony działacz kultury).
  • Bearers of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) or the International Youth Ravel Card (GO25).

Visitors entitled to a free admission to the Museum presenting an appropriate document:

  • Children under 7.
  • Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).
  • Employees of museums which are listed in the National Museum Register (Państwowy Rejestr Muzeów).
  • Visitors decorated with the Order of the White Eagle (Order Orła Białego), the Order of the Merit of the Republic of Poland (Order Zasługi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej), the Badge of Merits for the Polish Culture (Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej) or honoured with the Merits for the National Culture (Zasłużony dla Kultury Narodowej).

Rules of tours to the Castle Museum in Pszczyna on free of charge admission days:

  • 1. A free admission day is Tuesday. It is no booking day.
  • 2. Only for individual self guided tours with no guide.
  • 3. A limited number of tickets per day – maximum 10 tickets every 10 minutes.

Terms and Conditions of Online Ticket Purchase

I. General Provisions
  1. These terms and conditions of online ticket purchase (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) list all detailed conditions of purchasing single and/or family tickets online.
  2. The Castle Museum in Pszczyna (hereinafter referred to as “the Museum”) hereby reserves the right to modify and/or update the content of Terms and Conditions at any given time. Notwithstanding the above, the Museum shall notify Clients of any amendments to Terms and Conditions by uploading changes to its website (, and posting modified Terms and Conditions to the Online Ticket Sales Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) at
  3. Once any purchase is made on the Site, transaction conformation shall be sent to the e-mail address specified by the Client.
  4. Tickets can be purchased online with or without registering on the Site.
  5. Immediately after placing a ticket purchase order, the Client will receive order confirmation from the Site by e-mail to the pre-specified e-mail address, the confirmation message specifying the number of the order, quantity of tickets, ticket name and type, date and time of Museum access, and total ticket value.
  6. Accepting the terms of these Terms and Conditions is indispensable for purposes of purchasing tickets on the Site.
II. Purchasing Single and Family Tickets Online
  1. Single and family tickets can be purchased online on the Site.
  2. Tickets purchased on the Site shall include unguided sightseeing only. To book a guided tour of the Museum, go to
  3. Online ticket purchase comprises the following steps:
    • Choice between solo and family sightseeing.
    • Selection of date and time of Museum access.
    • Selection of ticket type and quantity. For family sightseeing please specify the number of visitors.
    • Summary of selected ticket purchase.
    • Registering on the Site, or continuing shopping without registration.
    • Booking confirmation, with payment required.
  4. Payment can be made immediately after tickets have been booked on the site, or via a dedicated payment link sent to the pre-specified e-mail address and redirecting the Client to the PayU service site.
  5. Any unpaid orders will remain valid for 20 (twenty) minutes.
  6. Any payment unconfirmed by the Client’s bank within a term of 20 (twenty) minutes as of the moment of order placement will result in automatic order cancellation. The Client shall be notified to the effect of the above in a separate e-mail message.
  7. All payments for online ticket purchases shall be made via an electronic bank transfer, payment by credit (debit) card, or BLIK transfer.
  8. All payments for online ticket purchases shall be processed exclusively by PayU S.A., a company with its registered business address in Poznań, Poland, at Grunwaldzka No. 182, via the payment gateway. As duly stipulated under clause 6 hereto, should the payment not be confirmed by the bank, funds collected by the payment processor shall be automatically returned to the Client’s bank account. Under such circumstances, the Client shall be duly notified of how to proceed in an e-mail message sent by the payment processor – PayU S.A. owner of the gateway. Under such circumstances, Clients are requested to contact the payment processor directly by sending an e-mail message to, or calling the number +48 61 630 60 05.
  9. All ticket prices are quoted inclusive of VAT.
  10. In order to obtain a VAT invoice for tickets purchased online, Clients are requested to contact the Castle Museum in Pszczyna by e-mail at no later than within a term of 3 (three) months as of the date of ticket purchase.
  11. Clients purchasing reduced-price tickets on the Site shall be obliged to produce an ID or other document confirming reduced price eligibility to the Museum staff at the Cloakroom prior to entering the exhibition area. Should the Client fail to produce a required ID/document, reduced-price tickets will not allow admission to the exhibition area or any form of reimbursement.
  12. Once the online purchase has been paid for and the payment credited to the Museum account, the ticket shall be sent to the pre-specified e-mail address as an attachment in .pdf format. Upon receiving the e-mail message Clients are requested to immediately verify ticket accuracy and conformity with the underlying order.
  13. Tickets printed or saved to a mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or e-book reader shall be reviewed prior to admission to the chosen exhibition. Holders of electronic tickets are requested to bear in mind that software displaying .pdf files properly must be installed on their mobile devices.
  14. The Museum hereby reserves the right to refuse admission to the exhibition area to holders of damaged or illegible tickets, or tickets disallowing proper barcode scanning.
  15. Clients purchasing tickets online shall be required to conform to Rules of visiting exhibition areas at the Castle Museum in Pszczyna. Rules are available to visitors at the Museum and online on the Museum website:
  16. The inability to purchase single tickets via the online sales system does not mean that tickets are unavailable at the Museum Cash Desk. Same-day tickets can be purchased on the Site no later than 3 hours before the Museum closes for the day. Same-day tickets can be purchased at the Cash Desk no later than 1 hour before the Museum closes for the day.
III. Personal Data Protection
  1. When purchasing tickets online, by telephone or with delivery to the pre-specified e-mail address, Clients shall be providing the Museum with their personal data.
  2. The Castle Museum in Pszczyna with its registered address at Brama Wybrańców 1, Pszczyna 43-200, Poland, shall be the acting controller of personal data collected for purchase contract purposes. Clients can contact the personal data controller by sending an e-mail to, or in writing at the Museum’s aforementioned registered address.
  3. The Museum has appointed a Data Protection Supervisor who can be contacted by e-mail at for purposes of any matters regarding personal data protection, and/or the exercising of personal data processing-related rights.
  4. Data shall be processed for purposes of delivering services pursuant to the agreement concerning the purchase of sightseeing tickets online as duly described in the Terms and Conditions of the Site, and upon the Client signs up for an account to place further orders via the Site.
  5. The legal basis for data processing is that of taking actions required to conclude and deliver under the aforesaid sales agreement, and allow Clients to use the Site for purposes of placing successive orders, in reference to Article 6 clause 1 (b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).
  6. Collected data can be disclosed to entities processing personal data on commission by the Museum, including i.a. entities handling sales and financial reporting IT systems; notably, any such entities shall be processing data pursuant to agreements concluded with the Museum, and exclusively in conformity to provisions of such agreements.
  7. All persons  shall have the right to access their personal data, receive a copy of the data, and request data rectification, erasure or restriction of processing.
  8. Furthermore, all persons shall have the right to transfer their personal data, i.e. receive such data from the Museum in a commonly used electronic format, transferrable if required to another personal data processor.
  9. In order to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, Clients are required to contact the Museum or data protection supervisor – contact details have been  duly listed in clauses 2 and 3 hereto.
  10. Personal data is provided voluntarily. Should Clients fail to provide personal data, the agreement concerning the purchase of sightseeing tickets online cannot be enforced.
IV. Complaints
  1. Clients shall have the right to file complaints concerning the online ticket purchasing process and/or quality of services provided by the Museum by sending an e-mail message to, or in writing to the following address: Castle Museum in Pszczyna, Brama Wybrańców 1, Pszczyna 43-200, Poland, within a term of 14 (fourteen) calendar days as of the date of the occurrence specified in the complaint. 
  2. When filing the complaint, the Client shall specify the following: subject matter of the complaint, order number, and reason for filing the complaint. Notably, the Museum shall not be held liable for any improperly filed complaints, especially should the Client list incorrect or false data therein.
  3. Furthermore, the Museum shall not be held liable for message delivery failure, should messages be blocked by the Client’s anti-spam e-mail software.
  4. The Museum shall process all complaints within a term of 14 (fourteen) calendar days as of the day of filing the complaint. The Museum will notify the Client of complaint examination outcomes in writing or by e-mail to the address specified by the Client in the complaint.
  5. Complaint examination by the Museum does not preclude the Client’s right to pursue claims and/or seek compensation pursuant to general Civil Code provisions.
V. Ticket Return and Exchange
  1. Tickets purchased on the Site shall not be subject to return or exchange, subject to provisions of clause 2 of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Should sightseeing prove impossible for reasons attributable to the Museum, the Museum shall allow returns of tickets purchased online, and reimburse all duly paid amounts by transfer to Clients’ bank accounts.
  3. Late arrivals (over 15 [fifteen] minutes after the sightseeing commencement time specified on the ticket and/or order confirmation e-mail) may result in the practical inability to attend the sightseeing as planned.
 VI. Final Provisions
  1. Copying and/or modifying tickets purchased at the Museum Cash Desk or online is strictly forbidden.
  2. The Museum shall not be held liable for the functioning of the internet connection used to purchase tickets. The Museum shall further not be held liable for any messages or other data lost over the internet connection, individual computer settings or configuration, and/or settings of or interruptions to services provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) entities.
  3. Should any irregularities be found with regard to online ticket purchase Site operation, Clients are requested to contact the Museum immediately by telephone (Monday to Friday, 08:00 a.m. until 03:00 p.m.) at +48 32 210 30 37, or by e-mail at
  4. The Museum shall not be held liable for tickets lost or damaged by the Client.
  5. Whenever purchasing tickets online, the Client shall be obliged to read these Terms and Conditions, provide correct data, and refrain from transferring or sending any unlawful content.
  6. These Terms and Conditions of Online Ticket Purchase are available on Museum websites at and