History of concerts at Pszczyna Castle

Music concerts in the Mirror Room (Sala Lustrzana) in the post-war Pszczyna castle have a very rich tradition. The first concert was already held on 3 August 1946. Thanks to cooperation with the Silesian Philharmonics, Estrada Śląska and a State Music School in 1970s monthly concerts were organized called “Music Mornings in the Pszczyna Castle” (Poranki Muzyczne na Zamku w Pszczynie), and two concerts in a month called “Music at Dusk in the Pszczyna Castle” (Muzyka o zmroku na Zamku w Pszczynie). During the artistic season the Castle Museum is visited by eminent Polish and foreign artists. It is worth pointing out that world famous pianist Światosław Richter gave three concerts in the Mirror Room.

In December evenings it is worth to listen to the “Christmas Eve Concert” (Koncert Wigilijny). The Mirror Room is then lit by candelabra and lamps hung on an enormous Christmas tree, and people sing Christmas carols together.

Every year since 1979 classical music lovers concerts are organized called “Evenings with Telemann” (Wieczory u Telemanna), and they are a constant event in the Museum’s calendar. The concerts owe their succes to the interesting setting the concerts have: combining a great music performance with walking in the castles chambers and a glass of champagne in the vestibule. Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) is one of the greatest baroque composers. Between 1704 and 1707, in summer months, he used to travel from Żary to Pszczyna as a Kapellmeister and an organist. During his life he was well-known and admired as an author of overtures, concerts, about 1000 suites, masses, and operas. After his death his works became forgotten, recently discovered anew they have become quite popular, also thanks to the concerts in the Pszczyna castle. This music activity of the Castle Museum in Pszczyna was awarded in 2001 by the city council of Magdeburg with a Georg Philipp Telemann Award. The reward was given “for an outstanding services in rendition, cultivating and research considering life and works of (…)” the eminent composer. “It is difficult to find an example of other European Institution which so intensively cultivates the music oeuvre of Telemann. Your publications also express your extraordinary interest in the oeuvre of this significant Master”, Wilhelm Polte, theLord Mayor of Magdeburg wrote in his letter.