The time has come to discover the Museum

Enthusiasts of the Castle Museum in Pszczyna are provided with access to a wealth of history, culture and traditions relating to the local area. We hope that you will join us in discovering the age-old heritage, and develop more of an understanding about ourselves and the world around us within the setting of the historical aristocratic residence.

We inspire the young – their enthusiasm is contagious.

Young people can take advantage of educational classes, lessons dealing with a specific topic, workshops supplementing school curriculums, concerts popularising music among pupils and various competitions.

Younger kids are provided with active education which is also great fun thanks to:

art classes, educational activities, summer and winter “Roaming around the castle” events, concerts popularising music among pupils and competitions.

Common passions unite many different individuals – we hope that you will take advantage of the intergenerational education potential provided by the Museum (museum tours in the company of the curator, workshops and meetings).

Education Department